Snakes don’t sweat, so they aren’t slimy!

Reptile skin is actually cool and dry to the touch.  Reptiles are covered in scales, which are tough structures made from keratin, the same substance human nails and hair is made from.  In evolutionary terms, reptile skin represents a greater commitment to a terrestrial existence compared to their amphibian ancestors.  The outer layer of snake epidermis is thick, lacks sweat or oil glands, and is modified into scales.  This thick scaly layer resists abrasion, inhibits dehydration and protects like a suit of armor.  Dehydration prevention is one of the evolutionary reasons that reptiles and mammals have been so successful in colonizing so many areas across the globe.

So, no sweat or oil glands means dry and non-slimy!  Come on in and touch a reptile (or two, or three) at Jabberwock Reptiles.

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