New in our Store: Chinese Cave Geckos

The Chinese Cave gecko is a rare and incredible looking animal.  Dark body, bright stripes and those deep red eyes…. meet Darth Vader to the Leopard gecko’s Luke Skywalker.  Definitely not your mother’s gecko…..

Chinese Cave Gecko

Chinese Cave Gecko

Chinese Cave Geckos are in the same family as Leopard geckos and African Fat Tails. There are multiple species of Goniurosaurus, all from the areas of Vietnam, the Chinese island of Hainan, and Japan (they are also known as Asian geckos).  While related to Leopard geckos, they do have some differences.  Despite looking like total toughies, they are actually a bit more delicate than Leos.  They love to climb, so give them plenty to climb on and hide under (though you may have a tough time finding them!).  They are from temperate rainforested/scrub areas, and so need humidity levels of 60-80% and moderate (75 degree) temperatures.  Temperatures above 82 can cause stress. They reach a size of 8-9 inches as adults, but are slimmer than Leos and Fat Tails. Food needs are similar to Leos; live insects, worms, roaches. They are not as comfortable being handled as Leos, so more a pet to love the look of than to have as a lap lizard.  A gorgeous and unique gecko we just got in to the store!

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