Dart Frogs – A Beautiful Alternative to an Aquarium

Gorgeous, brightly colored dart frogs happily hopping and hiding in a lush terrarium – a slice of nature right in your living room.  Dart frogs are fairly easy and straightforward to keep, and reward you every day with their beauty.

Once set up, their terrarium is it’s own little ecosystem.  All you need to add to it is appropriate lighting (a cool burning fluorescent that emits a good daylight spectrum – a reptile bulb), mist, and food (typically flightless fruit flies).  The rest takes care of itself.  You get to enjoy the serenity of the plantings and colorful creatures, without the mess and fuss of an aquarium filled with water.  While they need some water in their environment, the elaborateness (or not) of a water feature is totally up to you.

E. anthonyi trilling his happiness

The basics that you need to create your own dart frog terrarium are:  a glass habitat, like a 10 or 20L gal aquarium or an Exo Terra.  The recommended size will depend on the species that you want, and the number.  Some species do well in groups, others would do best on their own or as a male/female pair.  The habitat should have good drainage, substrate like plantation soil and cypress mulch mix, wood and other decor to provide climbing and hiding spots. Plants should be added and established before bringing the frogs home.  A small pond or stream set up is a great idea, as running water is very beneficial.  Of course, you can also get more elaborate with waterfalls as well.  Temperatures in the 70s are best; humidity needs to be very high, so we always cover the screen top with plastic to retain moisture.  A light fixture with a daylight bulb and you are ready.

We have all the supplies you need to set up a terrarium, and even have some plants and mosses that can get you started.  It’s easy – we’re happy to show you!

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