Baby Blue Tongue Skink

We have an adorable baby blue tongue skink (Tiliqua scincoides) available. He/She arrived in the store about a week and a half ago and has been a hit with visitors.

baby blue tongue skink climbing up my hand

This little skink has dark black markings with a rust-brown back giving it a very distinguished look.

Blue tongue skinks are fairly easy to care for and their gentle nature make them a wonderful pet. They are grow into a medium-large reptile reaching a length of 2.5-3 feet. So they will require good sized enclosure eventually.

Blue tongue skink babies are not as readily available as some other reptiles, such as bearded dragons, and generally cost more, but they are well worth the price. This one is available for $120.

Blue Tongue skinks are a daytime animal, and so seem to be more interactive with people.  They are a curious and engaging species, with straightforward requirements.  They need a warm environment, with lights that give UVB rays.  They are omniverous, eating a variety of vegetables and protein, including cat food and/or some insects. They like to burrow in a soft substrate, like Aspen bedding or carefresh, and there is nothing cuter than a little skink poking their head out to greet you!

Blue Tongue Skink Tiliqua scincoides

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