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Available Tarantulas Jan 19 2015

Available Tarantulas Genus species – Common Name Size x amount Price Acanthoscurria geniculata – Brazilian White knee ~4″ male x1 $40.00 3/4″ x 5 $15.00 Aphonopelma seemanni (blue) – Costa Rican Zebra 0.5″ x1 $50.00 Avicularia amazonica – Amazon Pinktoe … Continue reading

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JABBERWOCK HOLIDAY HOURS THANKSGIVING DAY Thursday November 26 – CLOSED CHRISTMAS EVE Wednesday December 24  – open 11-3 CHRISTMAS DAY Thursday December 25 – CLOSED NEW YEAR’S EVE Wednesday December 31 – CLOSED NEW YEAR’S DAY THURSDAY January 1 – … Continue reading

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Can I get salmonella from my pet reptile?

Salmonellosis, the disease caused by the Salmonella bacterium, is possibly the most infamous disease transmissible between animals and people associated with reptiles, (called zoonoses). The most famous epidemic of Salmonella in the 1970’s was caused by small (under 4 inch) red-slider turtles … Continue reading

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Chameleons For Sale in Massachusetts!

For many years reptile lovers in Massachusetts have not been able to own (unless you had a special permit), buy or sell Old World Chameleons.  The reason for this has never been obvious, and finally the rules have been changed!  … Continue reading

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5 Easy Reptile Pets

Thinking of a new pet for your family?  Reptile pets are among the easiest pets to keep, and still offer interaction and fun.  We have had all kinds of reptiles and amphibians at our store; here is the list of … Continue reading

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