Marbled Salamander Care

Marbled Salamander (Ambystoma opacum)

Popularity: These are good pets for beginners as they are easy to care for.

Origin: Eastern United States 

Native habitat: damp woodlands and forest

Size: 4 inches

Lifespan: 8-10 years

Appearance: The Marbled Salamander is stout and has colored bands around its body. The bands on females are typically gray, and they are more white on the males.

Diet: carnivorous

Activities: It likes to hide in burrows and under logs. In the fall season, it moves towards ponds for breeding.

Defense Mechanisms: These are not aggressive animals.



Good housing for one or two Marbled Salamanders is a 10-gallon aquarium tank – larger if you are housing more than one animal. It should have a secure wire mesh cover on the top. Create a section of gravel that can hold shallow water. This will help the salamander and keep the housing humid enough. Normal lighting is sufficient.


They like to burrow, so substrate should be deep enough to allow them to do so. Chemical-free potting soil, coconut fiber and sphagnum moss are good choices.


Live plants are good, and they will help maintain humidity. Supply some hides for the animals. Good choices are cork bark and driftwood.

Temperature and Humidity

Ideal temperature is 65-75 degrees F. in the daytime, and it can go down to 60 degrees at night. Maintain humidity at 60-70 percent. You can use a hygrometer if you need to be sure.


Marbled Salamanders are not finicky eaters. It is best to feed them vitamin and supplement dusted crickets, earthworms, night crawlers and waxworms. One or two items per day should be sufficient. Provide a shallow dish for chlorine-free water.

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